If the title projects an image of me as an arrogant self-overestimating prick then so it is. Parents, especially brown parents (especially Indian parents), yes you are (the majority of you) are arrogant, dominating, emotionally abusive people who dehumanize your children by imposing your own whims and wishes on them. You brutalize them physically and... Continue Reading →

My Personality Growth

Personalities develop and get embedded in you with every passing day. Experiences bring in observations which when analyzed, the inferences we draw from them add to our sense of maturity thus engraving in our personality.

Lying in my field looking up to the sky I thought you were the cloud with the silver lining of my life, but with sudden blustery gusts, you flooded my field. I passed out. It took me some time to pick up a drenched self from the flooded field, coughing and gasping for air.

Understanding Life Events.

Associating hard-hitting emotional incidents with real-life natural occurrences helps dial down the impulsive jolts and provides some reliable explanation in answer to the innumerous questions pacing through the mind.

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