Wake up people. Its time!

In India you are happy only when your father is a millionaire or may be the one whose m in millionaire has been replaced with a b in the course of time, when your father or mother(well nowadays women who used to keep away from active politics and corruption are rolling in along with their sons and daughters) is a politician, or when you are an example of mentally challenged person. If you are a normal middle class person living in India then it’s possible that you may end up inking down your grief just like me out of sheer frustration and helplessness. Being a normal teenager the situation around gets a bit worse. In other countries or any other part of the world when you are a teenager, you are expected to act like adults but are misjudged as immature. Well, welcome to India then here you are expected to be 1)of course not an adult 2)”sanskari” 3)Single or child marriage(trust me you got only these two options) 4)Study to live your parents dream 5)just concentrate on how to earn money(just forget about all your hobbies or pastime activities) and many more…

People say India is progressing, India is advancing, India is getting modern(according to the regular tea stall discussions). I say no. All those are intellectual bullshit. Yes I agree more people are literate now, the literacy rate-time graph does have an inflection point in it when the past few decades are taken into consideration. The slope of that curve has never seen a low since 1950. Yes I agree. But still I disagree that India is advancing or so-called “getting modern”. In such a vast nation inhabited by approximately 1.3 billion individuals where the literacy rate is approx 74.04% you will have heck of an experience finding a rational minded person. The people of India are getting educated, literacy rate is going up, the number of colleges and schools and educational services has gone up by remarkable and astonishing numerical values BUT most of them are not broad-minded, are not rational.  Learn to be rational and teach our child to be one.

Another thing that Indians are proud of is being “sanskari” rather than being “human”.  Sanskar has a broader base in India. Sanskar means cultures, traditions, rites. But when these cultures and traditions and rites pull you back by your collar you just need to let them go. Talking about sex in India is Taboo. As teenagers we get confused , we are thrown out to the world with so much to visualize so much to see but our sanskari past lands us into a hesitancy in accepting the true facts, the reality. Learn to question. Learn to look beneath the surface. NACO (National AIDS Control Organisation) and UNICEF tried to introduce CSE  (Comprehensive Sex Education)  and AEP (Adult Education Program) in India. But they failed to. The politicians who run our country, who represent the people of our country turned their faces away from these programs and in turn protested against these. The CSE and AEP were banned in 5 states of India and the states who reluctantly took up CSE or the AEP brought some serious changes to the program. Important technical terms regarding comprehensive sexuality education were omitted from the course and so-called reforms were brought into the syllabi. Now as I understand things a bit and did a little research on these things I find out that I, you and so many people live in a place where people are not rational and are reluctant to new ideas and new ways of thinking. The politicians who were against these programs stated their reason for opposing them were that it was against the Indian culture and traditions, and one minister , (I’m not stating his name) stated that if CSE and  AEP would have been introduced it would have resulted in a rise in the number of rapes taking place and that it was filthy try to make the plight of women in India more miserable. Well I now understand that how much miserable he sounded that day. That fool didn’t have the minimum understanding that CSE or AEP were meant to educate people regarding the pros and cons of sexual intercourse, the risks associated, and much important facts regarding the genitals and the human body.

Let me explain:

In 2013 a girl in Haryana was molested but due to lack of knowledge she was completely unaware that what awe full thing had happened to her. She realised that she was raped when she was in mid of her course of CSE that had been then introduced in her school and then she went to a doctor who gave a report proving that she was raped.

This is the scenario of our country.

As teenagers we are the victims to those cultures and traditions. When you restrict someone (who specifically is a teenager or is in his\her adolescence) from knowing a fact then, Congratulations you just ignited the fire in that person to dig deep into that fact or truth you kept aside.

People must understand that when a teenage boy and a girl hold hands in public it’s not something to be worried about rather when a girl is being molested in public do something to save her. Don’t just stand at the roadside watching roadshow. It was so shocking when on the new year’s eve of 2017 Bangalore had to experience mass molestation and  when a girl was getting molested in public in the middle of the road onlookers maintained distance and had their hands warming in their pockets. I was like, what the hell did just happen out there? Is this is how India is advancing, so called getting modern??? Come on man grow up. You get offended when young teenagers or couples kiss or even hold hands in public and what about when a girl is being dragged onto the middle of a street by her clothes and being molested by a inhumane piece of shit.

OPEN YOUR EYES FOLKS. Its time when the younger generation must come up and join hands against these cultures and tradition which prohibits CSE or AEP which are so important in eradicating such incidents. BE RATIONAL. I urge to the people of India especially to the teenagers that learn to question. Be the driving force of the nation in making it develop. Lead your nation into the light of reasoning.

That’s my outrage for the day. Hope you felt it and enjoyed it.

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  1. Great piece of work there bro. Something we really need to keep in mind, as Indians at least, apart from all the not-so-necessary hypocritical stuff. That’s one of the main reasons we as a country haven’t yet made it to the list of so called rational countries. Keep it up. Good work! In a typical EIC outrage style! 😉👍

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