A First Hand Experience…

​Me and my friend are sitting at a coffee shop. It has been raining the whole day till now. The large window panes have become hazy enough to make the people outside the Cafe look like creatures from some other world. The air is a bit chilled. I order a usual latte and he ordered a frappuccino which makes me wonder his tastes are getting unaffordable as per the weight of my pockets right now. Whatever! I dont need to worry its on him today. He asks me about my relationship and how’s it going and that did we share a kiss or something like that… .I say yup I did. So as per his constant begging to narrate him the chapter of “Sealing the bond of Love” I start…

It is a wintery night but not much cold as usual. A bit warmer than the other days. I am waking with her along a busy roadside. The scene was full of noises ranging from people chatting unmannerly to unnecessary honking of vehicles. We both are going to the annual party that our maths tuition teacher had arranged for. Well we have reached before time by, say an hour early. So i ask her what to do and she says lets continue our walk. I say that not along the lighted thoroughfare. I say that we must find a quiet lane where we could talk and hangout in peace. I’m looking for one as we walk by and, yes! I see one there. We walk into that small lane. We reach the end and that is the darkest part of the lane where no eyes could hover over our privacy sphere. It would be difficult for someone to assume that we are here and breach our sphere of privacy. We gossip. There is a lamp post far away but its light is reflecting from her eyes her lips glossed with some kind of balm. Her face is glowing in the dark. She is chatting non stop. Chirping merrily. Suddenly she stops. She catches me observing her face and my eyes which are just fixed on to hers.(Aside: Oh my god! its she who is coming close. I don’t know what to do. What is happening!). I start closing my eyes. As I am closing my eyes and the last thing I can see is that she is inclining forward. I am completely blank now. I am experiencing a thing I have never experienced before. I can feel her warmth. I am inhaling her sweet breath parting her red candy glossy lips. Everything is so heavenly. I never felt a feeling so strong before. (Wait a second!) Am I shivering? Oh yes I am. But why? answering myself I say “I don’t know”. I am feeling so cold. 

Suddenly her lip is touching mine. I melt down. My lips are shivering but they are slowly caressing her upper lip and so is my lower lip in between hers. Our lips were locked. Honestly saying I never knew how to kiss but its easy and impromptu when it automatically initiates between two person. I can feel the sweetness of her lips. My stomach feels like it’s being clutched from inside. My muscles all loosening up. As is I am losing my strength.Our bellies press straight against each other. Both shivering from what I don’t understand. Her hand is gripping my sweat shirt. Her grip is stronger than I imagined. I’m just lost in her by now. Her perfume so tantalizing. Her lips so soft and nourished. I didn’t know for how long we have been kissing. After like, when almost a million years has passed she slowly and slowly pulls her lips out from the firm lock with mine. She clutches my hand and she is sinking in me and so do I.

Looking at the glass pane separating the human world and the fun looking hazy world I say to him, ” So you have heard all”. He reaches for a napkin to wipe off the white he gathered on his untrimmed mustache while he was all ears to me and pursuing on the frappuccino. He smiles and says “You are making me feel lonely buddy!” Paying the waiter we hold up our umbrellas and we move on to discover the hazy world outside…

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