Understanding Life Events.

As a person majoring in a discipline of engineering I always try to find new analogies of everything that happens to me in real life. Every real-life event that takes place in my life I try to explain them to myself by using simple analogies that happen in nature. Obviously, there are lots of parameters that I don’t consider while relating them with the events but what I have realized is, that they help me in absorbing the reality and gravity associated with it. Everything that I put out here is how I interpret life daily and based on the happenings in my life.

Associating hard-hitting emotional incidents with real-life natural occurrences helps dial down the impulsive jolts and provides some reliable explanation in answer to the innumerous questions pacing through the mind. Most of those questions are most probably going to go unanswered. These questions come back to you. They haunt you and the craving for a legitimate answer cripples the normal thought process of the human mind. Such a disruption in the flow of thoughts might give rise to serious mental health complications. It is not possible either to always accurate natural representations of the events you are going through but you have to find the most relatable of them all. Often you’d not be in a state of mind or you might be reluctant to provide extensive details when it comes to speaking your mind to anyone. It would then be very convenient to provide such analogies to make the listener understand what you are going through or what you have experienced.

One such example that is quite common in the world today is the breaking up of long-distance relationships. With the onset of modernization and new opportunities in various miscellaneous fields, ambitious people around the world do hop on the same train to grab them. Often time that involves compromising staying close to their loved ones.


The two individuals in a long-distance relationship are bound to have two separate independent lives and have different lifestyles but somewhere there must be a connection between the two. The two individuals in a long-distance relationship should grow together towards each other like they might have if the distance between them was non-existent.  But this balance of growth between these two individuals is also governed by the factor of circumstance. Circumstances play a huge roll in shaping a long-distance relationship. In my opinion, it determines the direction of growth (towards or apart from each other). Now to bring in the analogy of circumstance in a long-distance relationship setting I would probably use two different plants in two pots kept in close proximity, representing the two separate individuals. There are two circumstances where you provide moisture to those plants in two different ways. One of them involves sprinkling water in between the two plants and the other involves sprinkling water near the far ends of the potted plants.

Thus, one of them results in the plants growing closer to each other seeking the essential life support (water), whereas in the other case the plants grow apart towards their respective water sources at the far ends.

There indeed are far more aspects that are there concerning a relationship but to understand and explain the complex emotional aspects to yourself this surely does help. This helps in settling some of the questions you have in your mind by providing a probable explanation of what might have gone down. That might not even be the case but it helps you to tackle such unanswered questions and make your peace with them.

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  1. True. In a relationship, doesn’t matter is it long-distance or not but there is so many things to discuss, understand, explore and experience.
    I feel relationships are difficult to handle sometimes! ….Cut it.

    But, you wrote your thoughts on it very well. 😄

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