#NotAllMen VS #AllMenAreTrash

Apparently, I’m going to be framed as something even before a discussion takes place where you get to express your point of view. A Tidal wave of radicalization currently sweeps across the globe with few exceptions as always. We live in dangerous times where you might be said, “No one gives a damn about stats here. It’s all about the content”. Sounds stupid, but I guess that’s where we live now, with stupidity surrounding us. Social Media gave us all a voice to be heard but we somehow don’t know how to utilize the positive aspects and rather tend to stress on the negatives and arm ourselves with those as weapons.

Recently a horrendous series of events were brought to light where juveniles from the capital of India, were shaming, lewd commenting, fantasizing, sexualizing, sharing nudes, and concocting heinous crimes like raping girls who were mostly underage (14-15 years). These juveniles were mostly students of highschool in the southern part of Delhi with ages varying from 17-18 years mostly. They used an Instagram group chat named “Bois Locker Room” to do such hideous acts.


I was appalled, and it took some time to sink in deeper as it sent chills all around through me. I was sad. But now this thing goes viral on social media with more people coming to know about this. I condemned this whole incident but I didn’t feel like putting out anything on social media. It is not necessary that I always need to express myself out loud in public, but I kept an eye on what’s going on. It was a nasty Men vs Women going on out there on almost all platforms and I thought to myself that this was never supposed to be the outcome of the incident. It was a battle of hashtags. It was #AllMenAreTrash vs #NotAllMen, and as usual, both the fronts choosing the wrong field to engage on. These useless social media wars snatch away the gravity of the critical situation and selfishly so divert the whole discussion towards a futile mud-slinging contest. It was never about any of those portrayals that the above hashtags claim.

When a woman/women calls/call out a man/men, she obviously doesn’t means/mean to call out the whole gender for crimes committed by a few. It’s to call out the ones who committed the crime and for others who didn’t understand what has gone down and how they should be a part of preventing this from happening again in their own capacities. This should allow men to even work harder for a future where women feel safer than ever and a sense of harmony prevails. This should allow men to acknowledge the current scenario and do the needful in their capacity to put humanity forward and above all. If this is understood the hashtags lose all sense. Instead, this basic understanding and rationality are the first ones to be tossed into the bin. Now comes a group of people tweeting, shouting #AllMenAreTrash which makes actually no sense and a group of people appears to counter the former with the hashtag #NotAllMen, again which make no sense at all. “#AllMenAreTrash people”, If all men were trash how do you still manage with around 3.7 Billion males around you? “#NotAllMen people”, is it really necessary to aggravated by such silly hashtags, while you can self-introspect and rather think and act about how to make this place a better world to live, and in doing that you’ll actually be countering the useless hashtags and silencing them in due course.

Soon after the above incident happened, I was scrolling through posts and status updates by people I knew or were on my list of friends and acquaintances, and while going through them I stumbled across one. It was a status update by a person (Let’s refer to the person as “X”) called Ms “X”. That status update said: “Half you boys better pray your daughter never runs into a guy like you”. I called Ms “X” asking was it really that half of them should pray as such? I said it would rather be more specific and more informative to put a statement that has the actual ratio and that it would really help people going through your status updates to get an idea of the gravity of the situation and act upon it. Ms “X” gets offended defending her statement saying all men are trash. That’s where I backed out of the conversation because I knew it was already derailed. Later that day I get tagged under posts in social media platforms that implied framing me as those people saying #NotAllMen and that I need moral education to be less ignorant and that I indirectly supported the juveniles involved in the above-mentioned crime. Shocking as it was, but it shows the true image of the world and how stupidity is more dangerous than anything else right now. I find a series of status updates aimed at me, stating how she’s getting to know the true colors of her friends and how silence defines ignorance. Weirdest of them was a screenshot of a group chat where people were discussing what to post on social media and backing agenda cited was silence on social media means ignorance and indirectly supporting the crime.

I don’t know if you find this weird at all but to me it is. I would rather inculcate the lessons that these incidents teach me and be a better man and try to influence my surroundings to be a safer place for everyone. I’d rather be doing something meaningful than participating in futile social media hashtag wars and be a fake life form from within. I’ll give my time and importance to the actual issues that need to be addressed rather than spewing hate all over the place. I’d rather be a father whose daughter would be proud and happy to run into a guy like her dad.

And people! I do give a damn about statistics and data and not the content alone! Have a great day!

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  1. And am feeling so good to read such a meaningful post by you. Also a needed blog post this one I guess.
    There are some things I want to talk with you, discuss with you, but noy here obviously. Will later do.
    But you raised many important rather justified points in terms of this particular issue.


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