My Personality Growth

However weird it may sound but one’s personality growth is heavily influenced by the people flowing in and out of their life. I wouldn’t have been what I am today if the people who had come into my life and left me in due course were not the same, but a completely different set of individuals. These people who came into my life opened up or snatched away opportunities for me. They did something for me or to me that eventually shaped up my personality.

Starting off with my parent’s memories of me I was the happiest fat kid they had ever seen. According to their account, I was a calm and peaceful kid who rarely cried and threw tantrums at people. I supposedly loved being around people and clambering up people to get some love and human contact. From that baby version of me to who I’m today has been quite a metamorphosis. I was having a happy life as a kid until my dad got a new job and we had to shift back to our state of origin. I lost all my friends and the source of happiness in one go. With now new faces around me, I craved for attention as a kid but somehow failed to get any eyes looking towards me. Resulting in somedays coming back from school and crying alone or just distracting myself with other chores.

Once I started getting some traction amongst the school kids after struggling for a few years, things started to roll out spontaneously. Never had close friends or of any such sort, I just wanted to be happy with everyone around me. This set of people who came into my life as secondary school classmates shaped me up as a jolly young boy who would be always fooling around and be flirtatious but still kind and friendly to everyone. This chapter came to an end soon with me graduating to high-school were the relations changed drastically. A few more people came into my life, few left mostly without a wave off. I saw friendships getting dabbed and soaked in jealousy over academics and life goals. May be unknowingly, but my personality adapted to the changing circumstances and shaped up as to consider a very small group of people as the only people to rely on. With time that group of people reduced in time till only a few stayed and finally came down to a single person. But there was a lot to happen yet.

This person had helped get through one of the hardest times of my life. Thus developed trust as an important part of my personality but little did I know that trust brings with itself a certain amount of dependencies along with it. I was yet to realize that life is not the calm lake you row your boat on but rather is the ocean on a stormy night and that row you have is not of much use. Human beings don’t make good metaphorical boats. The ones that do are the gems of the humankind. You rely too much on a metaphorical human boat and out of nowhere the boat might disintegrate while you were at the crest of a wave. Now you fall towards the trough helpless but utterly shattered from the inside. When you recover from the fall you realize nothing stays forever and it would be easier to survive next time with this realization burnt into your soul as soon as possible. That’s how my personality was being sculpted from an infinitely large rock of character traits.

Personalities develop and get embedded in you with every passing day. Experiences bring in observations which when analyzed, the inferences we draw from them add to our sense of maturity thus engraving in our personality. The life I have lived till now makes my personality completely unique with the experiences I have baked in it. The longer I live like everything in the universe I and my personality will follow the proclaimed hypothesis: Change is the only constant.

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