If the title projects an image of me as an arrogant self-overestimating prick then so it is.

Parents, especially brown parents (especially Indian parents), yes you are (the majority of you) are arrogant, dominating, emotionally abusive people who dehumanize your children by imposing your own whims and wishes on them. You brutalize them physically and emotionally and go out in the world boasting about how you are more caring. Clipping of your child’s wings and chaining them like prisoners in a dungeon would eventually result in either an outburst and collapse of your false sweet heaven or a young human being losing himself/herself forever to a trauma that will keep gnawing on them for the rest of their life. Feels good thinking that you give your child trauma, right?

You turn a blind eye to your child’s sufferings and disregard them only to get astounded when he/she takes drastic and extreme actions. You people love getting wished on mother’s day and father’s day yet you refuse to acknowledge the pain you have been delivering everyday, punching down on your kid under the blanket, asserting domination and arrogance.

You give up understanding your kid disregarding mental health and keeping up the abuse. Occassionally, referring to mental health deterioration as weakness of character.

Don’t produce kids if you plan on handling them as furniture. Earning and feeding your kid doesn’t translate to oppressing them.

A 20 year old remembers the oppression unlike the 5 year old or the 14 year old. You punch down hard on him, then be ready to get a harder blow back from down below. A 20 year old remembers and just waits for the opportunity to break free. You don’t own him anymore. And due to the oppressor you have been to them you lose respect in his/her eyes every passing day. If you stretch them long enough then all that remains is the blood relation but with no emotions left.

Stop imposing your whims and ridiculing his/her financial dependencies.

Learn to accept defeat in a logical argument without resorting to screaming, projecting dominance ( it’s a display of your weakness and we know it.)

There’s no shame in learning from your children and growing as a human being along with them.

Mental Health is real and if you don’t think so may be you need to see a psychiatrist soon.

And if you think you own them, You Fucking Don’t.

This article will always be here to keep reminding me of the things that have been forced on me, are being forced on me now, might be forced on me in the future, and with every one of them you lose your respect in my eyes. You’ll never know how much love and respect I had for you people and where we stand today.

You don’t fucking own me. I own me self.

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