There’s a fine line that separates “Hopes” and “Expectations”. I know if I’m hopeful regarding anything in my life, the moment I put in a modicum of work into something I’m hopeful about, it morphs into expectation. Living life without hoping for good to happen has been great for almost a year now! Since then, anything good happening or appearing out of thin air has been an anodyne to my recovering soul. The absence of hope had made the process of going through those lenitive moments more blithesome. It also made me realize people who have experienced abundance and affluence for the most part of their lives, have a disparate perspective to people who have suffered and endured hardships, traumas, and losses. The former collective of people preach hope and how being hopeful, alleviates one’s soul but the latter disavows the same. Their world view is tempered with realism and is significantly lacking of the sanguine perspective. What is the significance of this thought process? Is not being hopeful in some way injurious to one’s mental health? I don’t know. But what I do comprehend is that it inures one to be aplomb in even more onerous times.I am unable to juxtapose the two approaches towards living life, and annunciate one of them to be a more winsome way of life. It would require more cerebration on my part, that I’m currently inept to do. I’ll keep pondering upon “hope” searching for an answer. I’ll abstain from being hopeful till one of those evanescent answers engenders profound joy, disproving the contemporary belief of mine.

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  1. Your post is asking me several questions now, several thoughts are just coming and going!

    Thought provoking post indeed but I think everyone has a different kind of answer for this!

    Like for me, I really don’t know (read blank) that, is having hope injurious to health!? 😐
    Maybe someday, I will and I can give you answer of this.


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