21 years of my life, I have been fascinated by history and equally disgusted by how it is elucidated to us.

21 years of my brief life, I  realized, people denigrate history teachers when they turn towards the board to scribble a date, yet when they have intense predilections to hold on to distorted historical accounts and their past to justify their contemporary thoughts and dwelling in present.

21 years of my precarious life, I realized, people lionize characters from the past but without any respect for the human that lived, but rather for the accomplishments. A part of me feels if work is all we live through in the life after death, isn’t it unfair to those whose accomplishments were lost or were just the smallest distance away from completion.

21 years of my life, I have venerated science and have decided to indulge more, but history was never to be eschewed. The hankering to know should not only propel someone forward with the buttress of science but sometimes, backwards, towards the singularity. Connect all the dots. May be some day, we’ll know the dots we stepped on were a infinitesimal part of something unfathomable or something lucid and comprehensible.

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